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Diy Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Diy Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Diy painting kitchen cabinets – Repainting kitchen cabinets? Painting old kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to be expensive and leads to surprising results. After painting your kitchen cabinets – and making changes to accessories – your kitchen is like new and can last for years. Tips, a plan of action and a description of how to paint your kitchen will help you. The preparation, sanding, filling and sealing as well as the painting itself are discussed.

First you decide what you want to do with kitchen doors and panels. Do you leave cabinet doors – basically – as they are, or do you, for example, install a profile lath first to give kitchen doors a different look? Then you determine the substrate material that is important for choosing your first soil layer. First, make changes in the kitchen.

The foundation or foundation of painting is always most important. If the surface is not good, (adhesion) problems arise later that are difficult to undo without removing the layer of paint. It is important to determine what the finish is like. Choose a primer or primer that is appropriate for the particular surface. This should provide a good adhesion / basis for the further development of the paint system. It may be possible to mix the primer in the desired final color so that you can get an idea of ​​the final result in advance.

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