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Get to know your best carpet

Get to know your best carpet

Carpets are simple textile woven fabric, which are used all over the world typically to cover the floors of the apartments. Their usage could be targeted towards specific purposes like insulation from cold, or could be simply used in the form of a decorative piece. The best carpets are dense and come with bold and vibrant colors thereby giving the house or an apartment a unique and dated appearance. There have been instances where people are innovative in using the carpets for home décor, by hanging the carpets from the wall, which are embroidered beautifully. Carpet weaving or knitting opens up a new dimension for artists to express themselves. Carpets are also used as they require less maintenance, due to their ability to hide dirt.

So what are the traits of the best carpet for you?

Best Carpet Fabric

Carpets are woven in a whole lot of fabrics, from the natural ones, like wool, to the synthetic ones, like Nylon. The natural ones take a long time from the weaving point of view, but are strong, sturdy, beautiful and last long. The synthetic ones are produced at a large scale and relatively have shorter span, compared to the natural carpets. However, when it comes to combining the three aspects of material, durability, maintenance and resilience, Nylon is a clear favorite here. Woolen and other similar natural fabric carpets are quite expensive compared to the synthetic ones.

Best Carpet Style

The carpets style is broadly classified into 3 categories, cut pile (the piles of yarn woven is cut), loop pile (the piles of yarn is not cut) and cut-loop pile. Furthermore, based on these styles, there are other styles which were developed. Each of the styles developed have their own unique look and feel of the carpet. The feel could vary from soft to rugged, and the look could vary from grooved to uniform. The best carpet for you should be the one which suits you the best in terms of appearance and feel.

Best Carpet Quality

It is important to consider three things when it comes to the quality of the best carpet. The first is the weight of the carpet, the second is the padding and the third is the density. The more the weight of the carpet, the better the softness and durability. The better the padding of the carpet, the better the comfort. The density of the carpet could be tested by bending a sample of the carpet backwards. If the padding of the carpet is visible, then the density is quite low on the carpet.

Best Carpet Pricing

Carpets are a great way to improve the ambiance of the place you are living. However, too much of anything will spoil the show. The carpets here work in the same way. You need to decide if you need the carpet for the whole apartment or for a particular section. This decision could be a big save or a big expense depending your choice. Carpets are generally priced in terms of area, per square yard and laying down carpet for an entire house could be quite a pricey proposition, unless it’s preplanned into expenses.