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Keep those outdoor area rugs clean

Keep those outdoor area rugs clean

Natural outdoor area rugs are generally made of bamboo and sisal, however, the synthetic ones are made up of polypropylene or acrylic. These are found to be quite sturdy when it comes to outdoor rugs. This article here deals more on the maintenance of the outdoor area rugs.

Dry Vacuum

Outdoor area rugs, from their name, are primarily used outdoors, which means they attract a lot of dirt. Synthetic rugs’, specifically, attract a lot of dirt and it could get quite challenging to keep them spotless. One of easiest ways to keep the dirt at bay is by vacuum cleaning. Before beginning the vacuum cleaning, make sure to dust it well so that the bigger pieces of dirt comes off. The vacuuming process gets easier and faster then.

Wet Cleaning

Generally it is easier to remove the stain from the synthetic rugs. This could be done using a mixture of mild detergent in a cup of cold water. A typical nylon brush or sponge could be used to remove the stains from the outdoor area rugs. Once the spot is clean, it could be dried using a dry cloth.

If the outdoor area rug is quite a dirty and stained one, then it might be a better idea to clean it with hose. Use the hose to spray the water or a soapy solution and remove the stains using a scrub. Once they are clean, they could be washed off with the water from the hose. It would be ideal to keep the rugs on a slope, so that the water drains easily and the rug dries off faster.

Prevention of Mold

One of the most common problems with the outdoor area rugs is the mold. Molds are fungi, a distant relative of mushroom. They typically grow on wet regions and hence it is necessary to make sure that you dry the rugs thoroughly and on both the sides, after they are cleaned. Keep the rug in sunlight for as long as possible to make sure that no part of the rug is damp. Molds are generally more associated with the natural outdoor area rugs, like bamboos or sisal. One major advantage of the synthetic rug here is, they are resistant to mold.

Prevention of Moss

Moss is an algae which is found typically in damp humid regions. Even though the synthetic rugs’ are resistant to the molds, they do not prevent the growth of moss. It is quite common in the tropical regions of the United States where the conditions are quite humid. This could be quite serious if you have children or pets at home. One of easiest and best ways to kill this moss is by using bleach. Bleach is a strong chemical component which would kill the moss and keep it from growing, however, care must be taken as this might result in some discoloration of rug. An alternative for this process is to use scrub on the rug with a solution that is a mixture of water and vinegar. This would keep the moss away from the outdoor area rugs.

To make sure that the outdoor area rugs are always is a good condition, it is advised to roll up and store them in a dry and enclosed area, to prevent the rug from getting dirty and also prevent the conditions like mold and moss.