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Getting Some Rattan Dining Chairs

Getting Some Rattan Dining Chairs

Rattan dining chairs are very popular nowadays, and the reason is that they really look great. Not only this, but they are also very comfortable and their manufacturing developed massively lately. They are also considered to be natural chairs, as the rattan is a product of some trees; mostly palms. The outer layer of the stem is peeled to create large stripes of natural organic rattan, which is used later to create chairs and other furniture. Many people tend to like them and have them at home, as they are light weight and very effective. Lately the production of them has developed to add more designs, shapes and colors.

Manufacturing And Treatment

As the rattan, used in rattan dining chairs, is considered as a natural extract from palms, it cannot be used directly after being acquired. Rattan is treated with many chemicals and organic procedures, in order to ensure it is safe for use in house environment. After the treatment, it gets other treatments to ensure durability. The rattan stripes are cut into equal width, and then rejoined to make longer ones. There is the option of giving them colors or leaving its natural color on, and the final stage is to coat the stripes with some chemicals to ensure that they so not interact with other natural effects.


The main thing in creating rattan dining chairs is the weaving process, as it is the distinctive way to create them. There are many ways to weave the rattan stripes, and the more weaving methods you use the greater the chair looks. Usually the seating area of the chair is weaved to support your weight, and it also can be weaved to form a shape or a logo. The back area is the one that gives the appearance to the dining table, so it is weaved with the most artistic method to form a great shape for your table. Most dining tables have armless chairs, but sometimes people want them with arms. In this case the chairs have weaved rattan arms, or at least a big rattan arm pad.

Usage And Coloring

As we mentioned, rattan dining chairs are very light weight. They are great for outdoor dining tables and parties. Some people even use them as patio furniture, especially in summer time. As for colors, people tend to like the chairs made in the natural color of rattan. Others like to have the chairs colored, so the manufacturers obey both demands. Colored rattan chairs are popular, and the colored ones are not that hard to do. The color can be added during processing rattan, or it can be added at a later stage after creating the chair itself and finishing it.