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Ideas to design a rustic kitchen

Ideas to design a rustic kitchen

There’s a certain charm and warmth to a rustic kitchen. And when it comes to creating this intimate look in the heart of your home, there’s no dearth of kitchen decorating ideas. Below ideas are few of them:

1) Dark Wood

Wood ceiling beams, wide wooden floor planks, cabinets, all of these amazing wooden elements bring nature inside your rustic kitchen. In order to achieve the aesthetic appeal of a rustic kitchen, wooden elements are a must. Dark wood can sometimes seem too much imposing for some dimly lit smaller kitchens; so you just consider adding bleached or painted white wood instead.

2) Stone elements are perfect in a rustic kitchen

Mother nature has much more to offer other than just wood. A stone can be a wonderful feature to add to your rustic kitchen. Whether you cover a complete wall with colossal tumbled river rock hints of stone in a fireplace hearth, or add some element of stone to your kitchen.

3) Add a fireplace in the kitchen

You can go for an actual wood-burning stove that emits warmth and even glows better than a real wood-burning fireplace.You can either install a new wood-cook stove true heirloom stove or add a new wood-cook stove that might be more rational. Either ways, you will achieve the country aesthetic appeal you crave.

4) Add Accessories To Your Rustic Kitchen

Ask any expert and they will agree that accessories can make or break a design space. Initially, when imagining a rustic country kitchen, one may think of ceramic country roosters pecking on windowsills, but this look is becoming old fashioned. Instead, surprise the eyes with accessories that are anything but traditional.