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Is laminating wood the right thing to do for your floors?

Is laminating wood the right thing to do for your floors?

Wooden flooring and laminating wood

Wooden flooring has to be one of the most attractive and durable forms of flooring there is. Whenever one starts to think of this, the first thing that pops into mind is laminated wood. What makes laminating wood for flooring a great idea is one simple thing- laminated wood not just looks great, but provides imitation of a host of other flooring materials, at a negligible cost. That is not all you need to know if you are making a decision regarding going ahead with laminating wood or not. Read on to know more about laminate wood, and why it may (or may not) be the right choice of flooring for you.

The advantages of getting laminated wood flooring

As you may already know, advances in printing and designing technologies have made laminated wood a far better flooring option that it used to be- at least from the appearance point of how. With laminate flooring, you can get finishes that imitate tiles and a variety of stones to such a good level that you cannot make out the difference by just looking at it.

The ease of installation of laminated wood is also one of the major benefits of getting this kind of flooring. It can be installed on almost every kind of floor, regardless of what there may be underneath it. It is also extremely easy to clean, requiring virtually no maintenance as far as its appearance goes.

Problems that come with laminate flooring

While getting laminated flooring is something, that you can do to imitate tile and stone finishing, that is where the similarities end. All it can do is imitate the look, and it does not even come close to the real feel that these textures can provide.   Additionally, regardless of what there may be under laminated wooden floors, there will be a hollow sound produced whenever you walk on it. Walking will also be uncomfortable on laminated wood, since it will be a harder surface in comparison to real wood, which retains and flexes.

Every home, owners’ preferences and the applications are different, and no option is absolutely good or bad for all. Picking the right material is all about evaluating your needs, as well as what options would be practical, keeping in mind your budget, existing flooring and effort that you can devote to installation. While laminating wood may have its own sets of problems, there are quite a few advantages to it that make up for it!