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Halloween Home Decor – Spooky Ideas

Halloween Home Decor – Spooky Ideas

Halloween home décor can be most fantastic activity at home in the season.  You find a lot many ideas and little tips around your own home to decorate your living room, bedroom corner or even your kitchen in a spooky manner.

Bats are the first idea for halloween home décor. Making a black cloth or paper bat is not difficult at all. You can make a good number of them in many sizes and scatter them around the living room at different places. Play with light and shadow while you hang these bats in the room. Keep them in dark corners where the light falls from a side and they will look exactly like a real bat.

Another great idea is to pick a branch of a bush which has many outgrowing small branches. Bare it from the leaves and display it in a corner of your living room. If it is small, place it on the corner table or stool. Now is your turn to display all sorts of spooky things on it.

A few bats, a couple of cobwebs, a black crow and al last a silhouette of a witch standing under the “tree.” This is a perfect halloween home décor that can be the focal point of your living room on the occasion.

Check out the following images and go creative in your halloween home décor. You can make a life size witch in a black cloak. Take mannequin and simply place a pointy hat on her head and dress her in a black cloak. The most important part is her make-up. But you can make her really spooky if you cover her face with a net veil after the make-up.

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