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Window valances for treating Windows perfectly

Window valances for treating Windows perfectly

Victorian interior design window valances are used to decorate the top part of the window. They can be used independently or they can be hung along with blinds or curtains. Window valances are known to be integral part of Renaissance Era and owe its history pertinent to that era. Window valances are also called as pelmet in the UK and is an extensively used form of window treatment.


You can have eclectic pieces of fabric for window valances. However people who want to add extra life to window valances line it the extra piece of fabric. Silk, cotton, linen, polyester, velvet and jacquard are few of many valances fabric. Italian valance, escort valance, balloon Valance, and swag Valance are few of the prevailing valances in the whole world especially in US. You can also have different prints for the valance fabric. for example if you are supporting a country kitchen theme then short floral designs with light yellow and cream color base would be a suitable option. however if you are looking to create some Scandinavian look subtle colors of aqua, turquoise pale green and pale yellow can be used. Also you can use window valances in the striking red to create a stylish look with beige curtains.

Further modification

You can incorporate further modification to the window treatment by hanging some extra-ordinary and fine curtain. Depending upon the room different colors and fabric can be used for the curtain. However it is always a good idea to cover the windows with light and neutral colors to vent the air and light maximum. also you can maneuver the curtains by incorporating some striking colors with neutral colors.