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How Small Corner Sofa Design

How Small Corner Sofa Design


Small corner sofas design is no different than regular ones, they has the same design with different sizes. The design is mainly based on a wooden or a metal chassis, then it is padded with a filling; which can be cotton, fiber or feathers. Then it is all covered with cloth or leather to give it its final shape, and sometimes the cover is not put until the customer chooses one. The designs are mainly based on the small L shape, with both sections of the sofa are equal in length. Some other designs have one section longer than the other, which form an exact L shape.


The materials that form a small corner sofas are no different than the ones used in creating normal sized ones. The chassis is basically made of hardwood or metal, and it takes the same ratios as the big ones with smaller measurements. Then we come to the padding, as it may be cotton, fabric or feathers. Some people say that using cotton is bad, as it absorbs liquids and it may rot as it has organic origin. But this is not a problem anymore, as the overall cover can solve this problem. Using microfiber cloth as a cover will be repellant to liquids, which is great for a living room.