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Vintage Wardrobe Paint and Design

Vintage Wardrobe Paint and Design

Wardrobe is one of the most used pieces of furniture that has been in use of families and homeowners since centuries. Does that mean that you can find a two-hundred-year-old wardrobe at an antique furniture store? Yes, that is quite possible and very likely especially if you are searching diligently for one.

Vintage wardrobes are all about quality and durability. The wood as you know does not lose its hardness and solid structure. Time and use make it even stronger and more durable – something hard to believe. But this is true about pure wood so you do not worry about the point that your vintage wardrobe may be weak or the wood must have become old unable to stand more for further use.

If you have a vintage wardrobe somewhere stored in your ancestral house, get it in the open and dust it very well. One way to make it more durable is to paint it from inside. Paint takes care of the wood and protects it from woodlouse and cracks.

The outer area must be left as it is if you are looking for a paint scratched surface depicting its great age. But do you know that some vintage wardrobes had artistic designs on them like flowers or patterns to add their decorative perception! This is also another great way to make your wardrobe look fantastic that you paint on it some eye-catching flowers and roses at the corners or a bunch in the center.

Leaving both these options, you can go very simple and paint the whole wardrobe with a paint that you love. It can be any paint like white, rose, cream or a dark shade of chocolate brown or ash gray. In this case, the frame and carved design of your vintage wardrobe will highlight its vintage properties and not the paint.