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How to clean bamboo floors?

How to clean bamboo floors?

Bamboo floors are quite popular as these are quite durable. These withstand a lot of stress and with proper care can look great for several years to come. A very little care is need for the maintenance of bamboo floors.

Remove dust and dirt

Dirt and dust on the floor takes away the shine from them. Make use of a dust mop or a fine broom to remove the loose dirt on the floor. Make sure to keep the floor dry when you are trying to collect the dust or else the entire process would become quite messy. Having dirt on the floor would act as a sand paper and would result in scratches on the floor. This can hamper the flooring finish.

Mop the floor

You can consider mopping bamboo floors with a mixture of vinegar and water in the ratio 1:4. This acts as a great cleaning agent for your bamboo floors. You can opt for a hardwood floor cleaner as well. Utilize sponge mop. Make sure you do not wet the mop too much. Remember to dry the floor with a towel immediately. Do not let the water sit on the floor or it would harm the floor.

Do not scratch the floor

Whenever you have bamboo floors, you need make sure you do not move items on the floor. Make sure you life and prevent scratching on the floor. Make sure to use coasters under the furniture. This would prevent scratching on the floor while shifting items. If you have pets, make sure you keep the nails trimmed. Vacuum the bamboo floor with a beater bar attachment.

Pay attention to the shoes

Shoe can leave dirt marks on the bamboo floors. You need to be extra careful while using heeled shoes. Consider placing runners or rugs in places where the traffic is high to prevent scuff marks and scratches. Place rugs and mats at the doorway to cut down the entry of dirt into the room.

Treat stains properly and almost immediately

Make use of a damp cloth and a proper cleaning solution to treat stains on bamboo floors. Rubbing or scrubbing bamboo floors aggressively can harm the wood finish. The stains need to be buffed out and the finish has to be reapplied if the stains are deeply set.

Follow these simple yet effective tips to ensure that your bamboo floors last for a long time.