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How to improve on your stair carpet

How to improve on your stair carpet

The changes in elevators have made it hard to make some improvements in the existing stairs. If one has already carpeted house rooms it’s now easy to make a change over with stair carpet. The stairs can now be fitted with carpet commonly known as strip carpet. Here are some tips of improving in your carpet design.

Fitting runners to stairs

One can fit a runner carpet as the carpet can be changed position easily. To hold stair rods clip can be used which also doubles up as stair decor, Nowadays gripper strips should be used as they are more appealing. For the formed backed carpets, pin less grips are used to hold stair carpet tight. The strips should be the right length around 38mm shorter in relation to the carpets width. The carpet should be nailed into place. The gap left should allow the carpet to slip perfectly.

Carpeting of the lower stairs

Carpeting the bottom steps requires a runner to be included which is moved up the threads. The extra is folded to allow the pile to run down the steps. The main aim is to minimize on shading of the carpet thus longer wear. The procedure should begin from the bottom of the stairs as you tack the carpet ends face down. Ensure you lay the stair carpet up to the last riser as you hold using the grippers. At the last riser the carpet should be joined with the landing carpet.

Carpet fitting

At the bottom addition carpet is not required, but having an underlay is important for all the stairs. The gripper should be the same size as the stairs. While fitting carpet ensures you start from the top. The landing carpet should overlap down the stairs to the upper most. Stretch the carpet using the grippers. The free edges will be trimmed upon finishing.

Carpeting spiral stairs

Stair carpet that goes round, its beauty can also be improved; the method for using gripper is a bit different. The carpet can be folded or cut to ensure it perfectly fit well. If it’s a woven carpet being used the gripper should be used at the ends winding stairs. While folding the stair carpet ensure the spare parts folds downwards. The carpet is the n laid on top of the second rod. The procedure should be repeated across all rods.