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Bring Exotic Beauty to Your Home with
  Chandra Rugs

Bring Exotic Beauty to Your Home with Chandra Rugs

Do you want an exotic rug in your living room for creating a special aura? Do not go far check out these chandra rugs that look rugged and rough yet sweet and fit your search. These rugs have something special about them. Their texture, feel, print and design is so different from traditional rugs that everyone tends to like them. But having them at home needs a certain type of home décor and design.

Chandra rugs are a popular product of India. These are handmade and depict the simplicity of the culture they come from. You must have one in one of your rooms at home because they add a special natural aura to your home interior.

If you are choosing a Chandra rug for your bedroom, you need to make some changes in the overall décor of the room. Keep the entire upholstery simple and in matching colors. Plain fabric would blend the best in this environment.

If you have a leather sofa in your living room, do not go for a Chandra rug. The style and material of the rug does not go with leather. But Chandra rugs can be an excellent choice if you are picking one of them as an area rug for your entry way.  A wood corner table or a console table in the entry way with some exotic decorating items would make a great match with the Chandra rug.

Chandra rugs are durable and strong. They can bear heavy traffic without losing their shape and appearance. They are handmade and that is why when they are washed, they remain intact in their structure and personality. If your room gets direct sunlight through the windows, do not fear that it will affect your rug badly. Fast colors and strong handmade structure keeps them resistant to simple weather affects.