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How to Install Kitchen Ceiling Light

How to Install Kitchen Ceiling Light Fixtures

Kitchen ceiling lights – In the light of the kitchen, the ceiling provides more even and wider lighting than a single light bulb in the ceiling. You can install a ceiling light in the kitchen without extensive rewiring. Just use the existing electrical connection box that the ceiling light in the kitchen is already connected to. Some home use tools are all you need to complete this project.

Remove the fuse or trip the circuit breaker that powers the power line through the kitchen. Switch off the devices and switch the light switch back to the “Off” position. Unscrew the lamp cover with your hand. Remove the lamp cover. Put aside. Remove the lamps from the lamp sockets. Remove the screws around the lamp. Pull the lamp off the ceiling lamp plate. Remove the torsion pins that screw into the wire pairs that come out of the hole in the ceiling lamp plate. Loosen the wires to separate the wires from the lamp and electrical connection box in the hole. Lay the light device on one side.

Tighten one flange and turn the nut clockwise on each pair of threads until resistance is felt. Screw the ceiling light device onto the ceiling light plate using the screws from another light. Insert the light bulbs into the ceiling light. Put the hole in the center of the dome through the extrusion screw at the bottom of the dome lamp. Screw the dome cover onto the screw clockwise until you feel resistance. Restore power to the kitchen.