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Options with green carpet

Options with green carpet

Green Carpet is a broad term that can mean many things to various people. We will examine some uses of green carpet here.

Indoor and outdoor use

An initial thought is simply in living quarters. Green is popular color with many people. One may prefer green carpet in the family room of their home where it could invoke images of walking on grass. With a little imagination, a green carpet could be thought of as a practice putting green for the golf enthusiast to pass the time in winter months or on a rainy day.

Green carpeting could be used in other areas of the house as well. Exterior use is always a possibility as green is a popular color for indoor – outdoor carpeting on decks, patios and even screened in porches. Again, quite possibly because it can remind one of grass, a green carpet in an exterior application is fairly common. Easy to care for and many times cleaned with a simple spray down with a garden hose, this type of carpet has been a mainstay in exterior selection for years if not decades.

Briefly expanding on the similarities with grass, green carpet of the exterior variety has been used in outdoor sports stadiums almost exclusively ever since the decision was made to stop playing the myriad of outdoor contests on natural grass. There is no other color carpet used for football, baseball or any other field type sport except green and it’s hard to imagine that ever changing.

Using the various shades of green

Of course, there are other shades of green that may not immediately invoke images of a ballpark or lawn in the summer time, but for many people the color green has a calming effect and so green carpet is popular as a bedroom color. A den or home office would also be a good location for a green carpet and in the US green is also a color that portrays success. There may even be some psychological advantage to using green carpet.

What to do

Green carpet is a great choice from a decorating perspective as well, with green being a color in the center of the color spectrum, it goes well with a lot of other colors and shades. Green carpet is a widely used and accepted medium for flooring choices and will be for some time, if not indefinitely. Be sure and talk to your carpet supplier about all of the options that you can have with green carpet.