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How to maintain sheepskin rug

How to maintain sheepskin rug

Sheep skin rugs are always environmentally friendly and they are made from exclusive materials therefore they will always give your home a sophisticated feel. Sheep skin rugs are trimmed expertly which makes it very easy to maintain. Moreover, they are available in different colors and they can also be custom made to different dimensions. They are long lasting and you will always have a pleasure owning them. These rugs can therefore serve you for a long time if you know how to clean them.

Before cleaning your sheep skin rug make sure that you have the following:

  • A non alkaline or a non iconic wool skin wash because it is the safest
  • A wool carding brush
  • A large clean towel

Cleaning sheepskin rug

  • Immerse the sheepskin rug in a tub or a bucket full of warm water and allow it to settle for a few minutes
  • Hands wash the rug in a slow gentle motion to avoid ruining the delicate wool material and then rinse the rug in fresh warm water. Repeat the procedure until the water remains clear.
  • Drain all the water from the rug and then comb it in one direction
  • Lay the rug on a flat surface with the fleece facing down wards; allow the rug to dry completely but make sure that you keep it out of the sun.
  • When the rug is completely dry you can use a carding brush to fluff the wool back to normal.

Points to remember

  • Before washing your rug, you have to ensure that you use room temperature water because wool always shrinks when you use water that is very hot.
  • Avoid using very harsh laundry soap to wash your sheep skin rug because it will ruin it.
  • Never put your sheep skin rug in the drier because it will ruin it
  • Always use a carding brush made from fine wool.
  • The detergents that you use to clean the rug should be non alkaline.

Sheepskin rug types

You can either opt for the single sheepskin rug or the double sheep skin rugs; the determining factor is where you want to place these rugs. The single sheep skin rugs look ravishing in an open room like your living room whereas the double sheep skin rugs look glamorous in the dining room.

There are also multiple colors available in the market and you will always make the best decision if you opt for a shade that compliments your home decor for example you can settle for bright colors if you intend to place your rug in the living room or a darker shade beside your bed in your bedroom.