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Ways to style futon sofa bed

Ways to style futon sofa bed

Decorate your new apartment with Futon Sofa Bed. This is very convenient for your apartment and your budget because it’s a sofa cum bed that helps you decorating the house with a beautiful sofa by day and you could convert it into a bed and sleep over it by night. It saves you a lot of space in the apartment. It helps you fill up the empty space in your apartment. Below are few types of futon sofa bed.

  • Futon Sofa Bed Grey

It is the best furniture you will ever purchase and not regret the decision of it because it is worth every penny and provides great comfort. The sofa bed can be placed in your living room looking all elegant and nice sitting just there.

  • Drop Down Console

This is the best sofa bed you could ever own because of the drop down console that the sofa happens to have. The drop down console is good to rest your drinks on and enjoy the movies or sitcom that you watch with dropping it all over the sofa.

  • Japanese mid-century

It’s the best for simple apartments, if you are not looking for anything too flashy and funky. A simple wooden sofa brings out the elegance and has a pull down bed that’s cozy and comfortable at night.

  • Somette Beli

The somette beli is a multi-functional sofa because of the drawers under the sofa that allows you to store anything in the drawer with enough space provided to you.