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Introduction of bamboo flooring in modern society

Introduction of bamboo flooring in modern society

Bamboo is considered as a long, durable as well as resilient green grass. This amazing flooring provides a feel about best interior designs. Bamboo flooring is easy to maintain and clean. Bamboo is a hard wood, it is not hard as hickory, but bamboo is quite harder than ash or oak. Bamboo floor is easy to clean rather than other type of wood flooring although it is totally depend upon the surface finishing.
Bamboo is moisture resistant rather than other type of hard wood as well as more stain resistance. It is expected that it can hold up to twenty to fifty years. Basically, the bamboo flooring is ecofriendly flooring. Bamboos are always been a decorative piece which can be used for outdoor and indoor decoration. The bamboo flooring is available in different colors.
Different types of bamboo flooring are-
Solid bamboo- this type is composed of pure bamboo. It also looks like solid hardwood but major difference is it will easily expand but contract less.
Engineered bamboo- this bamboo flooring will be easily determined because it look similar to engineered hard wood flooring which is constructed with many layers, glued base and cross banded for having strength.
Strand woven bamboo- this bamboo flooring is made when bamboo strands are cut, boiled and dried for some period. This is a best alternative for the green flooring.
Teragren bamboo- today, this bamboo flooring is one of the best ecofriendly flooring as it follows strict quality control. Additionally, it is best for interior decoration.