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Shielding Sunlight And Rain With Patio Umbrellas

Shielding Sunlight And Rain With Patio Umbrellas

It is a good thing to relax on your front yard or patio, it is one of its main purposes. But sometimes it is too hot to stay there, and the house is not the place for you. Your solution is patio umbrellas, it can shield sunlight away from you. Other people love to be out in the rain, but sometimes it is too heavy to be tolerated. Umbrellas are also your solution in this case, and that is a clever way to solve the problem. Using umbrellas in patios is very common, as it is not recommended to stay for long periods under direct sunlight; especially for children and elder people.


There are two main designs for the patio umbrella shape wise, the square and the round one. As for stability, there are also two types; the steady and the movable ones. Each one of them has its own special features and usage, and they also serve in different areas. Umbrellas are usually round if they are closable, and the steady ones are usually square. They are both used to shield sunlight as a main purpose, but to shield from the rain is another matter; as it has everything to do with the material it is made of. The design is also affected by the material, as some materials cannot be decorated.


The most used materials in patio umbrellas are wood, plastic, metal and cloth. Each material has its own advantage in certain conditions, and they usually come in sets with the patio furniture. Wood umbrellas are great looking, they are natural and van be used almost everywhere. Plastic umbrellas are also great, and they are better than wooden ones in shielding rain; but they are heavily affected by direct sunlight. If the plastic umbrellas are painted, direct sunlight will affect the color and it will be pale after a while. Metal and cloth ones are not recommended in rainy places, as the cloth will not shield the rain and the metal will rust after a while.


Some patio umbrellas are used not only for shielding heat and rain, but they can be also used in decoration; especially if they are large enough. Lights and branches can be added easily to umbrellas to create a great look, especially if the lights are hanging all over it like a curtain. They can also be used as individual models in landscape designing, creating a classic look and a beautiful view of the landscape. Some umbrellas are movable, so they can be used in more than one place. You can take it from one table to another easily without effort; and this is one good utilization for it.