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Grey Bedroom Bench

Grey Bedroom Bench

Building a Gray bedroom bench is a simple craft project that you can finish in an afternoon. The benefits of having a bench in the bedroom include additional seating and storage if you want to add the base of your bench. Add a thick pillow and some totally ruined pillows to keep you comfortable, or leave your bench elegant and simple. Design your bench to complement the existing interior of your bedroom

You need:

Determine the length, width and depth of your bedroom bench based on the size of your bed and your personal preferences. Create a bill of materials with specific dimensions. For a rectangular bench you need two 2 × 4 cut to length, two 2 x 4 cut to width. You can find panels for the sides of your bed bench in the hallway with other decorative moldings. Your local hardware store will often cut the material to size for you at no additional cost. It saves a lot of time and is moving home. Use this service.

Gather your materials and start building the frame for your gray bench by attaching two longest 2 × 4 to two 2 × 4 cutouts for the sides of your bench frame using screws and a screwdriver. You will have a rectangle when you are done. Assemble the 1 by 2 trim pieces or whatever strip you have chosen to the outside edge of the bench frame that borders the top. The casting contributes to the stability of your bed bench and offers a design interest. Put the screws from the inside of the bench outwards so that they are invisible. Add side braces about every 16 inches above the bed’s headboard bench.