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Leg Lamp – Stunning Decoration at Home

Leg Lamp – Stunning Decoration at Home

This is not a vintage antique addition for your home yet it entices majority of the homeowners to have it. Leg lamp is a unique idea of illuminating your room and it brings a strange sensual thrill to the room. Can you imagine looking at a lady’s leg up to her thigh just beneath a lighting bulb in your room? This is a marvelous idea to decorate your home with.

After the release of the movie “A Christmas Story” leg lamp took fame all around this places where people watched the movie with great interest. Since then, and it was in early 80s, the lamp has been the quest of many homeowners who search for exquisite and strange objects to decorate their home.

Why a lady’s leg? It can be a boy’s leg or an athlete’s leg but still the manufacturers have not taken the idea to that broad level. You can find leg lamp in different heights and even with a complete figure of a woman if you like it. The shade is at its place and the light emanates around the leg on the ground for the best focused illumination.

On eBay you can find tiny size lamps in the design which can look really cute on your side table in the bedroom. For the living room, there are larger lamps also available that can be placed on the floor in a corner and when illuminated at night, they give the right dramatic effects to the room.

You can place your leg lamp in the entryway also. This place is the perfect spot for creating a shocking surprise for the guests. The lamp creates really stunning effects with its smooth, pale, shining surface. Visit Red Rider Leg Lamps today and buy for you one unique looking leg lamp for your home.