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Looking At The Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

Looking At The Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

Mirrors are a very important part of any bathroom, there is no bathroom without one. Whether it is a public bathroom or in a home, there is always a mirror. It is important to have one in the bathroom because you do a lot of stuff that needs monitoring yourself, like combing your hair or shaving. For women it is another story, there is an untold love story between every woman and her mirror. Bathroom vanity mirrors are a new trend in the business, and they are growing much attention and success. Both sexes need mirrors in the bathroom, and the need grows more when there is a big family.


Bathroom vanity mirrors have lots of shapes, the most common one is the regular rectangular shape. It is easy to install and requires no special designing. This shape is usually hung over a sink or on its own on the wall, and it is used to give a big overall look when needed. It is perfect for everyday life activities like brushing hair, makeup or an overall look after getting dressed. There are many other shapes, but one of the most used ones is the small round shaving mirror. It has a steel rod to pin it on the wall near the sink, and it moves on its horizontal axis. It has a magnifying surface for precise shaving, and it is very useful in this task.


As we said before, mirrors must be in the bathroom. The main idea is to start using them in a new way, so that it is used as decoration besides its own original job. That is why designers started using mirrors as vanities, and it appears in the modern bathroom designs. Bathroom vanity mirrors can be used instead of cabinets’ doors, or as a background for some shelves. There is also the use of them as an inside cover of cabinet doors, which is the least used method of deploying them. Sometimes we find that designers use colors in mirrors, so you may find a mirror divided into four different areas with different matching colors.

Fashion And Appearance

In order to deploy the bathroom vanity mirrors correctly in a bathroom, you have to know the fact that says: how much is too much? It is not recommended to overuse mirrors in the bathroom, but in some cases you have to. Some designers like to add more mirrors and tilt them with specific angles in order to deflect more light. This technique is used in large bathrooms to get more light to light up the place. In normal case scenarios, it is not recommended to have more than one or two mirrors tops.