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Make a right carpet choice before carpeting your floor

Make a right carpet choice before carpeting your floor

A carpet forms a decorative and practical base for a room while adding visual appeal, comfort and warmth. The choice of carpet can be based on the latest fibers and textures available. Whether you would like a carpet made of natural wool or you would like to go for a nylon or synthetic fiber in vibrant colors that are stain resistant, the choice is for you to make.

Endless Choices of Carpets

Carpets come in a very wide range from the sustainable fibers to durable and easy to clean carpets that will suit every style and budget. The best carpet choice depends on where it has to be placed and the amount of traffic it has to sustain. Wool carpets though being warm and durable are more expensive than other fibers.  Although wool carpets are supposed to be stain resistant but they have to be cleaned in case of spills. Nylon carpets on the other hand are made from a man made material that is quite tough and durable. It is generally cheaper than wool but have a tough stain resistance. These carpets are a practical solution in high traffic areas and also in families with pets and children. Polypropylene carpets are another quality of carpets made out of synthetic fibers.  Such carpets are quite inexpensive while being durable and water resistant. Another carpet choice is a blend of wool and nylon that have the features of both fabrics but at a lower cost than the pure wool ones. One disadvantage of blended carpets is that a low or poor quality of wool is generally used.

A Carpet to suit every Room in your Home

Carpet choice can be in accordance with the color, type and texture. Light colored carpets are a great option for small rooms as light colors will tend to expand the room.  But light colors stain more easily than the darker colors. A combination of light and dark colors shows a speckled effect that can easily disguise stains as well as lint. Another criteria for the right carpet choice is the density that refers to the amount of yarn used and the closeness of the tufts. The denser the carpet the better it is. Always check the star rating of the different fibers before you decide on the carpet you want for your home. Stairs, hallways and entrances call for a heavy duty rating of carpets. Lighting and surrounding colors can also influence your choice of carpets. The underlay whether rubber or foam is another point to be thought over before carpeting your floor.