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Benefits of using Wool Rugs

Benefits of using Wool Rugs

There are a huge variety of carpets, differentiated on the basis of construction, place of origin, quality, size and the most familiar category material. Most common among these are wool and synthetic. Rugs are considered to be very elegant pieces for home decor. They add a sense of luxury and a personal touch to the house. Wool rugs have been there for thousands of years, and considered to be the best choice in terms of longevity, quality and number of benefits. These are definitely a worthy investment and that too at low costs.

Key Benefits:

  • Made of most durable type of fibers, they repel water and hold dye, therefore stay brighter for a long time.
  • Easy to clean due to high density characteristic. They absorb humidity and thus keeps the room and floor cooler.
  • Wool has the natural property of being anti bacterial and thus repels mold, bacteria and dust mites.
  • It is flame resistant. It does not catch fire or melts thus proves to be the safest choice for homes as well as offices.
  • Being a natural fiber, wool is biodegradable, sustainable, recyclable and Eco friendly. A healthy choice for family and environment.
  • One of the amazing characteristic of wool is it effectively insulates noise. It reduces sound level by absorbing the sound waves that’s why they are so commonly used in airports, offices and halls.
  • They can be used indoor as well as outdoors, they fit everywhere and blend with any area and furnishing.