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Get the stylish couch cover for your room

Get the stylish couch cover for your room

A couch is a type of furniture used as a seating arrangement for two or more people. It is usually like a bench, with or without armrests. Couches are really in fashion these days. Couches can be used for sitting as well as resting and sleeping. A couch is usually found in living rooms of houses and lounges. These couches are comfortable, cozy and stylish. They are also found in hotels, bars, waiting lounges and offices.

Couch covers are used to wrap the couches. These covers include throws, slipcovers or slips, and sometimes blankets. These covers are made to protect the couch or turn it into a new couch altogether. It can be used to cover a couch which has become old and stained. Purchasing a couch cover is far more affordable than purchasing a new couch. The entire look of the room gets changed with a new couch cover.

While buying a couch cover, one should keep in mind the type of couch, the color scheme of the room and of course the amount one wishes to invest in. Couch covers are available in various colors and different fabrics like leather, satin, cotton and many more. One can choose a particular pattern or a color as per ones personal taste. Couch covers are made up of tailor made slips, loose throws and knitted pillow covers. Commonly used fabrics include linen, fleece, leather, rexin leather, imitation leather, and high quality cottons.

Some of the popular couch covers include slips covers and throws. These are discussed in detail below:

  1. Slips covers:

Slips are the couch covers which are permanently attached to the couch. Slipcovers fit accurately to the couch in such a way that there is no difference between the original couch and the slip cover.

Another type of slipcover is one which is made of a highly elastic fabric. It fits tightly to the couch, even if it is not stitched to the couch.

  1. Throws:

Throws are couch covers which are not attached or stitched to the couch. On the contrary, they are just thrown over the couches and just tucked in. Throws are either draped over the couch for decorating it or simply attached to the couch cushions. As they are not stitched to the couch they move when someone sits on the couch. These throws are cheaper as compared to slip covers. Pet throw covers are available so that the couch remains protected from the pets. Throw covers include blankets, satin or muslin sheets, sofa quilts, and throw rugs specially made cover couches.

These couch covers are an easy to go for option. Without wasting money on new couches, the old couch can be renovated beautifully.