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Patio rugs – buying and using

Patio rugs – buying and using

Rugs have multiple facets, be it indoor or patio rugs (outdoor rugs), they are very versatile and lift the outlook of the place where they are used. Its’ quite surprising to observe as to what a piece of well-crafted fabric could do to change the mood and appearance, from modest to grandeur and vibrant. We are going to have a look at the tips on buying and using these patio rugs, in the most unique way.

Pre-buying points

Rugs are almost like any other furniture, they also decay with time, be it natural or synthetic, the only difference between the two is the time. Patio rugs, are primarily for outdoor usage, and when we say outdoor, the balcony is also included. This means, weather plays a big role is deciding on a type of patio rug. An important note here would be to consider the duration the rug could actually be laid out for, as you cannot use the patio rug when the temperatures are below zero. Also a thought should be put to the storage. They should be kept in dry and enclosed area to prevent moss growth.

Tips for buying

The patio rugs are unique in their own way and if bought with a bit of consideration for its application, they could completely change the perspective of the place they are used for. Here are some major considerations for buying these rugs:

  • The Make

The patio rugs come broadly in two material categories, synthetic and natural. Synthetic materials are nylon, polypropylene, etc. They last longer than the natural ones like the bamboo, jute, etc. Natural rugs tend to disintegrate quite soon.

  • The Comfort

It’s important to get a feel of the patio rug that you want to buy. There are different varieties available, right from the rough natural feel, to the plush soft feel. The natural ones generally give the rough feel than the synthetic ones.

  • The Size

Before going to look for a patio rug, it’s always suggested to make sure that you know the location where you are going to put the rug and the size (area) of the rug needed for the particular location.

  • The Color and patterns

One of the major advantages of the outdoor rug is the variety it provides in terms of color and patterns on it. Even when it comes to fabric, there are options where the natural and synthetic are incorporated together in one rug, thereby giving not only a unique feel to the rug but also a stylish appearance.


The patio rugs, go beyond what the name suggests when it comes to putting them to use. One would assume that it’s most suitable only with patio furniture, but that is not true. Here is a list of the ways to use the patio rugs:

  • The rug could also be used simply as something to lay on.
  • It could be used to set up outdoor dining table.
  • It could be laid on the grass with some cushions on, to make an outdoor couch.
  • It could be set up in the balcony with some easy chairs.
  • To make it even unique, it could set up indoors in the walkways to give a vibrant experience.

These are just a few regular uses. The point here it they usage of the patio rug could be well experimented with, to an individual’s preference.