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Pooja Room Designs Ideas

Pooja Room Designs Ideas

You can decorate your pooja room as you feel sacred and connected to God. This is a spiritual matter and everyone has something different in his heart towards his spiritual needs. The more you design the room according to what make you feel at peace with the heavens, the better satisfaction you are going to avail. Pooja means to worship and the room which is specified for worshipping is surely a sacred place which instills the respect of God in the hearts.

Colors are of main importance n Pooja room designs. Not every color is linked to the religion. There are some colors which have a higher value in creating the right scared environment. White is universally agreed on color for pooja hours.  Golden is another shade which is also considered heavenly. Silver is also mostly linked to religious traditions. Designing the room with these shades can automatically bring about sacredness to the environment.

Arranging lights with the focus on certain religious images help to highlight them. Those images which are more important can be placed in the center of the room with lights focused on them. Often dim and cool lights that resemble candles are used for this purpose. Yu can use candles but they have some risks involved like a fire eruption in the room or increasing the temperature in summer.

Often pooja room designs are simple. They mostly depend on the ground arrangement for sitting and that is the ideal way to worship. Pay attention to covering the ground with soft and beautiful rugs so that everyone can be at ease while worshiping.

If necessary, add a few cushions on the ground for those who cannot find it easy and comfortable to sit on the ground. Keep the windows covered with heavy curtains for maintaining peace and privacy for the worshippers. With heavy curtains, you block the sounds and movements outside which may disturb the inmates deep in worship.