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Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table- lets have a vintage Era

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table- lets have a vintage Era

Eco-friendly lifestyle is preferred by a large number of people these days. Reclaimed wood furniture is one of these choices, they are made from recycled wood. When one chooses such type of furniture, they contribute to preserve many forests in the world. The most amazing fact is that since the wood is already aged, such furniture features a naturally beautiful deep and rich color. One can contribute towards nature even by a small piece of such furniture like a reclaimed wood coffee table. A solid coffee table adds character to the living room by bringing with it a touch of elegance that transforms the look of entire room. It can fill the house with warm and cozy ambiance. They come in a variety of styles, shapes and wood material. Most popular material is reclaimed teak. Reclaimed wood table would highlight the natural imperfections of wood surface, adding to its rustic beauty. They mostly have minimalist designs, they are simple yet functional. It is basically a low table and used to place cups of coffee, magazines, books and other similar items. Benefits associated also include saving money.

Tips to Choose a Coffee Table:

  • Appropriate size will be a gap of fifteen inches between sofa and the table.
  • Height should be between eleven to sixteen inches. Ideally same as the sofa.
  • A solid top is more suitable than a glass or delicate surface.
  • If the sofa is skirted go for leggy table otherwise a block table will do good.