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Shabby Chic Curtains for Edgy Beauty

Shabby Chic Curtains for Edgy Beauty

Adding some powerful texture in the home environment through shabby chic curtains is a great idea. You may have seen in images and friends’ homes these curtains and you agree with me that they look more than awesome. They contain a whole load of meaning and memories, accent and life. They are a combination of emotions and touch of beauty. No other design in curtains can meet the same level of chicness.

For ideas about shabby chic curtains, you have many options. Think of colors first. Floral are traditional and bright. They are closer t artistic sense of home dwellers than plain curtains.  Pink, red, yellow, blue and purple are few top colors that make these floral curtains unique. The advantage of floral curtains is that they make a perfect color combination in your room. The entire color of your furniture, rug, and accessories in the room can be found in the curtain print. White surface with colorful flowers is the typical style of floral shabby chic curtains.

Frills add texture to curtains. To bestow an aura of size and volume to the curtains, the best option is to come up with a design that has multi frill layers. From top to toe, any part of the curtain is great for adding frills. For this layered curtain, your choice must fall on lightweight fabric that makes the best appearance for the frills, in case you are going to make the curtains at home. Often it is vintage linen that makes the best shabby chic curtains.

For buying shabby chic curtains in best design and affordable price visit Etsy. All the curtains have a stunning style and vintage aura. The variety is huge and the assortment of curtains is irresistible. More white and shabby chic curtains are available on eBay. Visit the website and check out all the options before making a final decision.