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Vintage Floor Lamps – A Graceful Option
for Your Room

Vintage Floor Lamps – A Graceful Option for Your Room

You must remember the bedroom of your Grandpa where a vintage floor lamp would stand in a corner looking graceful and interesting. Those vintage floor lamps were a great part of bedrooms and living rooms because they would shed light on the room in patterns and create drama about the whole environment. The most interesting part of those lamps is their shade cover that would depict the elegance and style of homeowner’s taste. A hundred and one ideas could be found for the covers only and they all looked highly interesting.

Today also you can have those vintage floor lamps and revive the memories of your grandpa’s bedroom. Look at the images below and select one that looks nice and beautiful for your home. The one with a fabric cover can be modified any time you want to. Just make a new cover with an intricate design and adorn it with any type if decorative items like beads, crystals, little mirrors, patterns etc. Anything artistic goes well with the lamp’s shade.

Another aspect that is of core importance, when you come to choose a vintage floor lamp, is to make sure that what pattern of light it will make in your room. And that depends on the style of its shade.  The more your floor lamp is able to create a drama with the light, the more it looks fantastic.  Imagine the shades and light patterns before you buy a lamp so that you have the double advantage of the lamp. The room looks great with the vintage look of your lamp and the light shadows also make your room extra ordinary.

If you are planning to get a floor lamp for your room, choose a vintage lamp as it adds personality to your room’s setting and complements the whole environment!