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Small Kitchen Island with Plenty of
  Storage Space

Small Kitchen Island with Plenty of Storage Space

Small kitchens always need additional storage space and table space. ONE small kitchen island With a lot of storage space, these two requirements for a neat and robust unit are met. Putting a vintage table or ironing board back in your pocket, or building a special aquarium or pet cage as an island, is sure to make your kitchen more functional and engaging.

We all remember that we used plastic milk boxes to store our album albums or to serve as bookshelves in our children’s rooms. “Crate technology” has come a long way since the 1970s. Standard cube-shaped boxes made of stainless steel or aluminum are more stylish than ever and can be purchased at home decor stores or hardware stores and held together for a useful island storage in your kitchen. Top boxes with a steel countertop for a sleek and bespoke kitchen island that is narrow enough to save space and sturdy enough to meet your household needs.

Use plexiglass or some other type of clear acrylic material to build a kitchen island that will visually disappear in your small kitchen. Measure your island and create a map with a long, narrow rectangle that corresponds to a narrow shelf. Take your goals to your hardware store and ask them to tailor your clear acrylic to suit your goals. Use plexiglass cement to build your acrylic bookcase, and even with a larger piece of acrylic material that will make up the kitchen table. New modal small kitchen design,

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