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Striped Rug Adds to Your Home a Serene

Striped Rug Adds to Your Home a Serene Beauty

Stripped rug adds texture to the room. You can spread them in the living room or your bedroom and arrange the other upholstery according to the color of stripes and design. Most of the people love stripes and prefer them over floral designs because they add a certain aura to the room décor. Often it is two color combination that makes your rug comes in but you can find multicolor striped rugs also for a more colorful environment in your room.

Black and white striped rugs are more popular than other. They look great in a white color theme room or a black and white room. Adding black and white polka dot cover cushions and pillows with this rugs highlight their stripes.  Symmetrically lined surface often looks visually boring which is why people love those rugs that come with some illusion in lines.

For a colorful striped rug, your rooms’ décor can have many versatile colors in curtains, upholstery and wall collages. Often teen boys love a striped rug in their room and this choice remains popular in all fashion trends. So, if you buy a striped rug any time, it will accent your room and perfectly match the prevailing trends.

Check out the following images of rugs and imagine them in your room. You can see that these innovative stripes look classy with any other sort of furniture or décor theme. Many online stores are selling top class high quality soft striped rugs. Visit Rugs Straight to You and admire the versatile collection of rugs in the store.  For another stunning collection of striped rugs visit Land of Rugs. The display of rugs will hook you in the first glance.

Striped rug is a delicacy in home décor. Do not leave it completely out of your home décor plan. In any room or corner of your home, spread a striped rug and enjoy its serene beauty.