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Styling tips for Round Coffee table

Styling tips for Round Coffee table

Much can happen over a cup of coffee, isn’t it? And that is the reason why the design of a coffee table is of so much importance. Coffee tables come in various sizes and shapes. But there is something about those round coffee table which make them different and unique from those of other shapes.

If you end up choosing a well crafted table, then it will add up to the décor around it, giving a great look of the whole place. One thing that causes a lot of confusion when it comes to round coffee table is about how to decorate it? Don’t worry, here are some décor tips that will help you decorate your coffee table.

  1. Plants and Books

If you are a book cum nature lover then this one is for you. Place three books in a pile along with some botanical plant on the table and you are done! Easy, isn’t it? It gives a perfect look as it seems so balanced from all the angles. It also shows off those books and works the best if you don’t have many small things around it.

  1. Décor items and books

In this design you need two small sized books or novels, a metallic tray and some small round and silver beads to decorate the tray. This simple look has something different and unique in its simplicity. Although simple, but it gives a very calm and elegant touch to the round coffee table as if it was made for it.