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The top girls bedrooms ideas

The top girls bedrooms ideas

Designing any kind of bedroom is a fun job, but decorating and refurnishing a girl’s bedroom is a much more exciting job. If your girl is old enough to tell her likes and dislikes then it is a perfect idea to ask her how she wants to decorate her room. The furniture you choose should be such which grows with your girl. If it helps then you can easily decorate the bedroom with the girls favorite singer, cartoon or actor and decide a theme accordingly.

The best way to decorate a girls bedroom is to do it according to a theme, you can choose any kind of theme like a cartoon character or a movie star. If your girl is not that little then you can decorate the room with lighter colors, colors like yellow, pink and blue are very common among girls. So it is a good idea to use these colors. Lighter colors also give a sense of luxury and make the room look larger, it is always nice to have this feeling and you can easily achieve it by using the right colors.

The furniture on the other hand should also be chosen wisely, this is because furniture is not something that you change very often. You always plan to buy furniture which is very durable and will at least give you a decade of service. Wooden furniture can give you that reliability and durability, the only condition is that you do not use furniture made out of pine because pine only gives a few years of service. Oak and teak on the other hand are very much durable and give a natural look to the room, due to the fact that these woods cannot be painted, therefore they maintain there natural wooden look which seems very nice.

Lighting is another thing that you have to keep in mind while decorating a girl’s bedroom, this is because without the prper lighting the room will not look bright hence it will also not look attractive. The position of the fiixtures also matters because you would want to fit and position the light is such areas which will brighten the whole room and not just some spaces. There are various kinds of shades and fixtures that you can find in the markets, each has its own quality and durability that is why you should be careful why choosing them. While decorating a girl’s bedroom it is important that you be ready to spend some money because if you choose to save your money then there is a high chance that your girl’s bedroom will look cheap as well and will not have that look and feel that you desire.