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Installing hardwood floors in the house

Installing hardwood floors in the house

Hardwood floors are synthesized from blocks of timber and can be used to floor the house for both insulation as well as aesthetic purposes. The floors are available in basically two forms; the engineered ones and the solid wood flooring type. The former is a lot easier if you want to install it yourself since the boards all come pre-engineered but if you want it all to be done by you yourself, you can always opt for the solid wood flooring which must in turn be made by yourself and provides you the additional ability to sand and finish them more times than do the engineered floor boards.


The installation process is quite easy once you know the basic layout. All you need are the right tools for the job and you can apply some basic knowledge to floor the house. You need to have either a vapor proof concrete floor or a pre-existing wooden floor over which you can then apply the boards. With these conditions, you need to adjust for the height differences and irregularities in the floor and correct them before time so that you are better able to lay out your hardwood floor. The engineered hardwood floor is more resistant to moisture and to changes caused by temperature and environmental stress so it should be easier to handle for you if you opt for it. You need to measure the dimensions of the rooms, then order the wood and start installing your hardwood floor by using a nailing device which takes the work and does it all by itself. Thereafter, you must properly polish the hardwood floor and cover it in an appropriate layer of varnish so that it comes to have an attractive appearance.


A number of precautions must be taken when installing hardwood floors, firstly that the base must be even and regular so that no problems arise while you’re installing the floor itself. Then once it’s installed, you must take proper care of it and prevent anything from damaging the wood itself such as liquids that may erode the varnish and damage the wood fibers. These spills must be cleaned up as soon as possible and done so by using a moist cloth. Water must also not be used to clean these floors since it may damage them.