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Tips to choose wooden coffee tables

Tips to choose wooden coffee tables

A coffee table in your living room has its own importance. It needs to hold magazines, cups of coffee, games, food, etc. so as you can observe it needs to be versatile as well as good looking. Sometimes it’s being used as work area, other times it’s used as coloring station. Here in this article we have enlisted certain steps for you to consider the tips to choose wooden coffee tables. Read on to find out more.

Shape of coffee table

Ideally, if you have an oval shaped or rounded coffee tables, then it works best as it gives you more space to walk or play around. If you have pets or children around then it’s all the more important. So no more anonymous cuts on your shins.

Size of coffee table

This is one of the most important points when you are selecting the coffee table. It shouldn’t be as high as your couch. Ideally it should be around one to two inches lower from the level of your couch.


When you are considering the material for coffee table then undoubtedly wood is the best. Cherry and walnut coffee tables are basically formal ones while oak and maple are typically casual. Nowadays you have combined coffee tables as well. What this means is that you can have a coffee table made up of metal as well as wood both.


While you are choosing wooden coffee tables then you need to decide beforehand like what will be its primary use. Coffee tables with drawer and shelves can hold so many things such as magazines, toys and coasters as well.