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All you need to know about a rag rug

All you need to know about a rag rug

Rags are usually referred to as remains of old clothes. What remains of a cloth is said to be a rag, although some people may term all old clothes as being ragged even if they are not in tatters. But, it is better to use tattered clothes as rags as opposed to going for outfits you no longer wear. Apparently, this is the most economical way of using rags avoid damaging clothes that you may want to wear in later years. Rag rugs are rugs that are made of rags. Designers combine different rags and come up with a single rug.

Pros of rag rugs

There are numerous advantages that are associated with a rag rug. First off, they are easy to make. You can actually DIY rag rugs from scratch. All you have to do is to single out a variety of old clothes that you do not wear. The choice of the old clothes often depends on the patterns you are interested in or you want to come up with. Once you have chosen the clothes that can enable you to come up with a pattern of your choice, you can proceed to cut it out into a variety of pieces which you can later sew up to for a rag rug. A good number of householders are actually able to come up with their own rags as simple as this.


Rag rugs exist in a number of varieties. This accounts for their popularity and wide usage. They can be used in a number of situations and places. Today, you can use rag rugs in offices and homes especially in bathrooms. They actually contribute significantly to the overall elegance of any home. The varieties of rag rugs often exist in terms of colour, size, shape as well as combinations of colours. This explains why they can be laid on the floor of any room including bedrooms, dining rooms and even bathrooms.

Quite elegant in appearance

Although the rag rugs are quite easy to make and they are readily available in the stores, they are amazingly elegant. They are also cheaper compared to the other types of rugs that are in existence today. This explains why they are quite popular. They are particularly important because of their elegance and décor. For example, they can fit in any kind of home or office décor irrespective of the elements of décor involved.