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Types of boy curtains to be hung

Types of boy curtains to be hung

It is difficult to decide décor of the room for boys, especially when it comes to curtains because they might not always match the colour of the room or bed. It is even more difficult to choose for boys which color they will like more. Blue isn’t always the colour to get away from the trouble of choosing. There are types of curtains to hang in the room that will scream only elegance and cuteness.

  • Austrian Panel

The fabric that falls in a series of puffy festoons that are created by the vertical rows of stitched shirring. The look is elegant. The curtain could be hung in white or off white or any colour in contrast with the room.

  • Blinds

To get a cosier look you can combine the blinds or use it alone in the room. The look is very formal and casual. It is also easy to open and close them.

  • Blackout

The blackout curtains with little prints over it will look extremely adorable to look at. They could be folded to let the sun in and sit over there while rocking the baby and enjoy the beautiful rays and sight for you to see while you are at it.

  • Sheer Panel

The transparent net curtain will give a beautiful look to your room. If you don’t want to cover the rays of the sun then this will be a perfect curtain for you to hang in the nursery. They could also be used over your normal curtains.