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What are designer rugs?

What are designer rugs?

Designer rugs refer to specialized handmade rugs that include traditional hand woven rugs as well as the customized innovative rugs. Designer rugs and carpets can be used for residential as well as for commercial purposes.


Weaving rugs is an ancient practice. It dates back to 17th and 18th century when Europeans started the tradition of hand woven rugs and carpets. Since then, this practice of designing hand woven rugs started all around the world. Some rug producers started utilizing modern technology such as contemporary machinery for making rugs of different styles. This actually saved time and labor as fewer workers were needed since the rugs were not produced manually. Initially the rugs were made up of animal hides especially using sheep for its thick wool. Then a time came when the popularity of oriental rugs grew rapidly.

Nowadays a shift has been seen from traditional rugs to designer rugs. Traditional rugs were mostly made up of thick wool while the patterns and the rug designs were just limited to lines and circles. However the designer rugs that are available these days are customized and come in a variety of styles and abstract patterns. Even the colors used are extremely vibrant and eye-catching.


Customized rugs available these days are of best quality and come in amazing designs. Most of the outlets around the world have their own designer team, in which each member is equally talented and they know their work really well. The team goes through a process when it comes to designing a custom made designer rug. The first step in the process is the consultation. In this consultation process customers are shown photographs and paint chips that can help them give an idea of the design. The color selection is also an essential stage in which the customers are allowed to create their own color solutions. Second step after choosing the design and colors is the presentation of the customer’s artwork. This stage includes final color selection and everything. The total process takes 6-12 weeks to complete as it is hand made. This same process is seen all over the world when ordering designer rugs.


A huge variety of designer rugs are found nowadays with amazing patterns and colors. Some of the most common designs preferred are: metallic flat-weaves, textured rugs, hand-knots and many more.