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Antique Drop Front Secretary Desk with Bookcase

Antique Drop Front Secretary Desk with Bookcase

If you are in deep love of antique furniture pieces, do not forget to decorate your study with this antique front drop secretary desk. This is a fantastic desk that reminds you of the past days when people had this desk in their offices for their secretary. They tell you a story of the good old days when technology had not yet introduced laptops and desktops. That is why the drop front design was quite practical for writing and reading.

In these days of modern technology, this desk is a graceful furniture piece to display some thick books and colorful magazines. You can find a desk of classic design from several furniture stores. Some homeowners also sell it when they come to move to a new house. Keep searching for one that makes the right furniture piece for your home.

The following images have a good collection of some great antique drop front secretary desks. Check the design and storage style of each desk. You can possibly find one with similar features. With different size storage, these desks make a fine choice for your room where you have a little collection f books and files to take care of.

The mahogany furniture pieces are particularly considered a valuable collection. This color has a special antique aura. So, when you come to polish your antique drop front secretary desk, polish it mahogany. This color has an everlasting grace for antique furniture pieces. Moreover, this shade has an ability to mtach with your room’s decor perfectly. Enjoy its antique aura!