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What are round area rugs?

What are round area rugs?

An area rug can definitely make a room look beautiful and elegant. It even has the advantage of protecting floors and absorbing too much of noise and sound. Round area rugs are circular rugs that come with all the benefits of a rug. The only difference between a traditional and a round area rug is of the shape and size. Traditional rugs used to be four cornered and rectangular in shape. Also the size in which these traditional rugs used to come was bigger and a carpet like.


A round area rug is known to be a refreshing alternative to the traditional rugs. These rugs come in new and unique designs and patterns that are eye-catching. Round area rugs or typically called circular rugs have the benefit of displaying beautiful geometrical and organic designs. Also the patterns made on these circular rugs are so elegant and creative that it gives a refreshing and an energetic look to the floor. Nowadays people are using round area rugs to redecorate their houses and to give a modern look to their rooms. A round area rug can easily be used as a living room centerpiece or as a dining table set. In either way it can look amazing. Because there is an empty space on the sides of the circular rugs it can actually provide people with an illusion of a larger room.


Normally people prefer a 5 foot round area rug as it is the most convenient size based on the typical room size. If the room is really small in size then a 3 foot round area rug would do. While talking about the designs and styles of round area rugs then the most commonly preferred designs are floral and flower shaped round area rugs, tribal southwestern patterned rugs, octagon rugs with angular lines and many more.


Modern rugs normally comes in bold and abstract patterns like chevron pattern which is basically made up of a V pattern and has origins in military uniforms, Modern striped round area rug which consists of clean lines on a two toned design, also the other colors can be mixed based on the furniture of the room. Another most commonly preferred contemporary round area rug is the quatrefoil rug which has the variations of quatrefoil designs.