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Why dhurrie rugs are popular among homeowners

Why dhurrie rugs are popular among homeowners

Floor rugs are often used by many homeowners as a way to decorate and highlight their home space. There are various types and styles of rugs available today. Dhurrie rug is one piece of rug that is easy to use on floors. You can easily find dhurrie rugs sold in the market these days.

Available in different sizes

Dhurrie rugs are a flat and thick woven type of rugs that are handmade traditionally in India. They serve many purposes more than just being used to cover the floor. These dhurrie rugs can be found in a number of sizes both small and extremely large. The smaller ones found are about 12″ by 12″ while the larger ones go up to sizes of 20′ by 30′. You can use the smaller dhurries to cover smaller things like telephones and vases while the medium sized dhurrie rugs can be used as mats for meditation. The dhurrie rugs used as floor covers are often in the sizes of 2′ by 3′ to about 20′ by 30′.

Light weight rugs

The dhurrie rugs are light in weight which is the main advantage and the reason why it is so popular among many homeowners when compared to other rugs. These rugs can be folded up easily and also perfect for transporting from one place to another. Natural materials such as wool, cotton, jute, silk, etc. are used to make these lightweight dhurrie rugs. Some of them are also made using wool and cotton materials and these rugs require less maintenance which makes them perfect to be used at homes.

Variety of colours and designs

These rugs come in different combinations of colours and attractive designs which is great about them. You can use the dhurries on either side as you like because they are reversible. Simple motifs and designs are usually incorporated in the traditional types of dhurrie rugs and using the traditional looms these designs can be recreated. Though you can also make the dhurrie rugs look more contemporary with influences of European designs on them.

Many retail stores and online shops that sell home furnishings offer dhurrie rugs for sale at great prices these days. Hence it is easy to find the perfect dhurries that suit your tastes. The dhurrie rugs are sure to make your home look more attractive and beautiful irrespective of the motifs or the design of the rugs you choose.