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Why you should own an Arc Floor Lamp?

Why you should own an Arc Floor Lamp?

An arc floor lamp is an ultimate solution when you need to add some light over a sofa, chair or a table but don’t want to suspend a bulb or a light from the ceiling. From vintage to modern, it requires minimal floor space, but offers maximum wattage, which is a great option for petite rooms.

It is also ideal for large seating areas as you have the option to choose from 1 arm to the 5 arms lamp thus providing ample lighting.They also come with an inbuilt dimmer switch, which enables you to control the light intensity.

The broad arc floor lamp designs make perfect floor reading lamps. With a bending arm that can reach up and over seating areas, it offers an ultra-modern way to provide light for any task. The Majority of the designs is capable to provide room illumination too, making them a perfect addition to living rooms, dorms and more. This iconic arc look debuted in mid 20th century, but the style has seen countless iterations since.

Why buyers love it?

It is sleek and dramatic, the Arc Floor Lamp base creates the perfect reading nook when matched with one’s surrounding furniture. A heavy marble base provides extra stability. The iron construction provides extraordinary steadiness, and the painted metal finish adds an elegant appeal at an affordable price. One can add a retro feel to décor with this chic chrome and marble arc floor lamp design.

Thus, one can bring glamour and luxury to one’s home with the arc floor lamp.