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How design wooden floor

How design wooden floor

Make the design look hand-crafted

If you want the appearance to be hand-crafted, a hand scraped wooden floor will be a great option. Looking vintage, floors create the look you need. Besides, these floors are easy to clean. You’ll be surprised by durability and functionality of these floors.

Let the floor shine

In order to attract everyone’s attention to the perfect wooden floor, choose different material for the floor and the trim. You can also use complementary colors for beams, baseboard, and interior doors. Thus, you’ll create the perfect color variation.

Choose the right rug

Combine the room color palette with the color of the wooden floor with a help of a perfect rug. A large accent rug in the center of the living room will create a place for relaxation and intimate conversations. If you group some furniture in the center, the room will look more spacious.

Consider the window treatment

The wooden floor may be look even better if you use the right drapes. It sounds strange, but you may easily check it. White drapes that contrast with dark wood floor will make the room look romantic. Matching colors of drapes and floors will be a nice accent. Check out your own ideas!