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Your guide to washable rugs

Your guide to washable rugs

When the talk about home decors and essentiality comes forth, rugs ticks all the boxes. Primarily rugs have always been known for their functionality of providing a layering against the floor. However with the tides changing, rugs have become a part of decorative accessory too.

Rugs play a vital role in providing an extra worthwhile protection for the home alongside brimming with sparks all around. There are different variants of rugs available on the market. Many different types of rugs come in with their own sets of complimentary functions.

The different variants of rugs include the Persian decorative ones, the synthetic ones, the basic functional ones and more. However there’s this variant of rug that proves more beneficial for someone of the ilk of homeowner. We’re talking about the washable rugs. You won’t find a more purposeful rug than this one for your sweet little home.

We’ll discuss at lengths on washable rugs down here.

What is a washable rug?

  • A washable rug is the kind of flooring essential that can be washed away with ease without the fear of fading or shrinking. It’s pretty versatile and durable. It’s perfectly washable with machines or by hand.

Advantages of washable rugs

  • Easily cleanable
  • Washable rugs are quite easily cleanable. You can wash them off in a machine or just by your hands. All you need is a bar of soap and a brush. The end result, you’d get a nice clean rug on your hands.
  • And it’s a quick dry one too. So you won’t have to wait a lifetime to get your rug dry and ready to layer on.
  • It’s this very feature of the rug that makes it a must-have item for home. No other rugs can provide you such an option of cleaning than these washable ones.
  • Versatile
  • Washable rugs are versatile enough to fit in different housing areas.
  • You can keep these aside in the kitchen or even in the hallway or the dining areas that are prone to spills. What’s more in the bag, you can keep them inside your bathroom too.
  • It’s perfectly usable as shower rug. So the next time you step out of a shower and have a wet rug, you can just wash it up rather than throwing it away.
  • Not to forget the patio or the porch area where you could do away with some washable rugs.
  • Beautify your home
  • Washable rugs make for a fine complimentary layering for the floors. They add the spark to your space.
  • Normally the washable rugs are of the soft ilk and can provide better feel than the hardened rough rugs.