Wall paintings are the way to give the wall a beauty. It serves as the make up kit of the wall. To make it the perfect  we should avoid lap marks. The ugly stripes are the lap marks that are caused by uneven layers of paint that build up afterwards. They usually occur when the paint is partially dry. The tactics to avoid this is to maintain a wet edge.  Opening one bucket after another may result into color variation and hence reducing the beauty of wall painting. The best method to avoid such a situation is opening all the small cans and pouring out them in the large can and then using it. This will make the shade even and the patch will not come up over the wall.

To do it best, trim should be painted first and then the ceiling and walls. We should just concentrate on giving a smooth finish while painting the walls. Prime and texture can be used to avid he blotchy finish to come up on the wall. Freshly painted walls always give blotchy look. Therefore,  before starting with the one should primers and textures to avoid such a situation. Before starting from paint, one more thing should be taken care of and that is to clean the walls with a rag to remove the fine layer of dust. Apart from this splash of water can also be used for the same purpose. Use sand trim to give the ultra smooth finish to the wall before painting. Beauty of the walls come with the wall paints.