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Pop Design with a Traditional Reflection

Pop Design with a Traditional Reflection

Ceiling decoration is an ancient tradition which has come to our age with progress. Thousands of years old buildings in ancient Middle-East, China, and India have pop ceiling and the designs are still intact. Today in modern homes the tradition of pop design has been revived by home décor experts and countless breathtaking ideas have been invented. Todays’ home does not have a plain ceiling but it has shapes, artistic designs and floral drawings to make the interior more attractive.

Focusing the chandelier with huge circular designs creates the focal point for the lighting in the room. In fact, lighting compliments the pop design. If you are not of the opinion of installing a chandelier, go for other designs that can look appealing with pot lighting. This sort of lighting can be scattered with any artistic arrangement on all over the ceiling. The modern style of designs on the ceiling looks great with pot lighting.

Not only homes but offices are also designed with pop design. The artists have come up with new designs for different types of business set-ups. A real estate office, for example, is designed with pop design in a manner that suits the theme f property while a modern IT office is decorated with pop design ideas that suit the tech world.

Historical and public buildings are masterpieces of pop design art.  This art has survived thousands of years and has the potential to go with human civilization side by side. From some slight lines to intricate and sophisticated pop design ideas are available and you can go creative in innovating new idea for your home ceiling.

Visit Houzz for numerous pop ceiling ideas. Another splendid site is Ghar Expert where you can find fabulous pop ceiling designs to get a hint for something unique for your home.