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Aesthetic Counter Height Backless Swivel Bar Stools

Aesthetic Counter Height Backless Swivel Bar Stools

Fast to occupy and super-easy to leave, these backless bar stools are highly practical. Maybe, for this reason, homeowners love to have them in the kitchen or their home bar. The modern counter height backless swivel bar stools come in several different designs and shapes. This makes them an interesting furniture item. You can see in the images below the different eye-catching styles of stools. With their cushiony seat, they make a comfortable seating option.

Wooden Stools

Wooden stools have this rustic appearance that suits a traditional home setting. If you have set your home on some vintage lines, choose the wooden stools and add more personality to your home. Actually, they are used in your kitchen and home bar for keeping the place easy and practical.

Metal Stools 

These are highly durable and provide a strong seating option. Most of these look sturdier when they come with a leather seat.  With its low maintenance features, these leather-covered bar stools always look new, clean and classy.

The height of the Stools

The counter height stools come with different heights. You need to choose them according to the height of your own c\kitchen counters. Get a 24 to 29 inches stool for your 34 to 39 inch high counter. But if your counter is 40 to 46 inches high from the ground, buy a stool with 30 to 36 inches height.

For more practicality and ease of use, you need to get swivel stools. Their mobility makes your conversation with the fellow men more interesting. So, choose your stools with these few tips and enjoy an aesthetic setting of your kitchen or bar!