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Give your home an elegant look with Wood Shutters

Give your home an elegant look with Wood Shutters

Let your house also deserve the compliments. Your house will scream elegance and sophistication once you add a little touch of wood shutters to your windows. It will give a vintage look altogether to your home. Style the windows the way you like it with the type’s shutters. Below are few types of shutters you can use for your windows.

1)    Board and Batten

These wood shutters are a fence looking window that will look good with self-colors over your windows. Adding a little decor outside your house with a wood basket attached below the window and flowers will look just beautiful with it.

2)    Raised Panel

This looks like a door and will give a very old and elegant look to your window and your house altogether. Whoever will visit your house will stop praising how beautiful and elegant the house looks. Contrast the color of the raised panel wood shutters with the color of your brick outside the house.

3)    Bermuda

This style of the shutter will give you a modern vintage look to your house because the shutter is wood but the way you style is quite modern. The shutter will cover up the whole window and you can open the shutter by lifting t upward and locking the sides with the hooks in the hole. That is really fashionable and fancy isn’t it?

4)    Marsh field wood

The Marsh field wood will give a very antique look to the shutter. The perfect old Romanian times will come back. It’s a very beautiful shutter with a piece of metal attached both on top and bottom completing the vintage look to your house.