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How to Choose Wooden Curtain Rods for Your Home

How to Choose Wooden Curtain Rods for Your Home

Finely painted wooden rods can turn up your curtains’ volume of fascination.   The look of your room and the furnishing helps you decide which color you should paint your wooden curtain rod. Sometimes it is a matching color that makes a bold statement and some other times contrasting the colors look more attractive. Which color would you go with?

To maximize the natural elements in a room’s environment, wooden curtain rods are the best option. Your room with a lot of wooden items goes well with wooden curtain rods. Moreover, the wooden curtain rods are not hollow and that is why they make a stronger option for heavy curtains. The diameter of the rods should be chosen wide with large windows.

Prefinished wooden curtain rods come in an array of paints and stains. Either chose one of them or buy unfinished rods.  The grooved rods make a very stylish choice as the grooves or channels add many folds of style in the rods.

Chunky wooden curtain rods add luxury and richness to the curtains and the environment especially when they come in a crackle finish. Solid silk curtains are usually hanged with such rods. The style is real wow; go with it in your living room or dining room.

Eco-friendly and accentuating your home environment, these wooden curtain rods keep your curtain looking the best. Warm tone curtains go with matching warm painted rods. So, make your choice after good consideration of your curtains and rest of furnishing of your home.